Follow Your Dreams

最近 Ubuntu Linux 的創辨人以及團隊來港訪問,很可惜未能參加跟他們的會議。

但看完了 Jserv 一篇相關的文章,那一份感動久久不能平息。

不想多說,只想能跟他們一起 “Follow Your Dreams"。

5 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams

  1. Just closed my blog for few days after attended Ubuntu Meeting. I want to concerntrate on working and stop to talking about myself. I will begin to enjoy my life at the same time. This meeting give me to understand I still lot of things need to do for organization. Mark Shuttleworth is charming like a hollywood start, possess ion both of fortune and handsome. Ubuntu is just his toy. The business model is other story of repetiton of Red Hat. So, let’s wait and see for 2 years.


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