How Long Could You Live Without Your Gadgets?

經常都說,Slashdot 的文章,題目沒什麼看頭,但評語卻是精彩非常。很喜歡這名讀者所說的話,特此記錄於此。

This is an amusing discussion ~ pilbende

I’ve enjoyed reading everyones’ comments.

I was homeless for a while. I learned a lot about what was important during those few weeks. I also had piles of bills to pay. I found a job, got a cheap apartment, paid off my bills, got married, went back to school, lived happily ever after, etc. When you’ve gone through building your life from *nothing*, you simply don’t care what comes your way because you already know you can get through *anything* let alone the stupid gadgets.

As a result I tend to focus on things that improve myself, things that can never be taken away no matter what circumstances come my way. I don’t play computer games because I see no self improvement there. I *feel* guilty because I’m not getting the most I can out of life. I see computer games as checking out and not facing reality. I’ve never seen someone become a better person because they played computer games or coveted gadgets. But I’ve seen things like computer games ruin marriages.

I don’t invest in gadgets because they don’t tend to produce a better person. Indulging in simple pleasures improves the soul. I’m a developer so I work on computers all day. I administer Linux servers at home and I write code for pleasure. I like these things because they improve my mind and help others.

If I wasn’t married, I would throw my cell phone in the nearest gutter. If I didn’t need to answer to a family I would stop cable TV because I hardly ever watch it. I would be a teacher in Mathematics and Physics or something if I didn’t need to support a house. But I’ve made compromises because my family and my wife have brought so *much* joy to me. And that’s a fair trade.

I think the discussion would have been more meaningful if it was more along the lines of “What compromises have you made in life because of putting resources towards worthless gadgets?" Or how about “Do gadgets take away from enjoying life and getting the most you can out of everyday?"

I love technology for what it can enhance, but I try not to let it *ever* be the focus of my life. It’s a tool to accomplish other things like engaging in thoughtful musings on Slashdot. I’ve learned a lot about other people’s thoughts and opinions by reading Slashdot and other such sites. It *enhances* my life because it allows me to hold up my thoughts to the scrutiny of others and allows me to learn more about myself when objective criticism comes my way.

Gadgets should never be a focus. People, family and friends should be the focus. Only gadgets that help those objectives like my cell phone for talking to my wife are worth the hassle.

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